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Gourmet in shoes


€ 20 - € 450
Inner lining

Check out our awesome clothing!

We offer, since the year 2016, clothing for both ladies and men. We offer various brands so you can choose from a wide range of clothing. The offered clothing can be easily combined with any of our shoes.

Only the best clothing brands are in our collection, with excellent quality. We recommend you to have a look at our favorite brands: 10 Feet, Summun woman and Dante6. Both in the winter season and in summer season, there will be a new collection that will probably be worthwhile for you to look at. 

You can easily order our clothes!

The range of clothes are available in different stores. You can look at a list of our stores that sell the clothes you are looking for, so you will never visit a store without the clothing you are looking for. You can also order the clothes online, the clothes are then free delivered to you within a few days. If the dress is not entirely to your liking, you can always return your clothes, without any costs, within 30 days.